At G2E, Sheldon Adelson reiterates disdain for Internet gambling

Gros said, “You know your customer better on the Internet than you do in person” in defense of online gaming’s ability to authenticate players’ identities.

Saying that “when you’re on the Internet, you cannot know your customer,” Adelson suggested that it’s easy for underage players to gamble online.

Despite declines in gambling revenue there in recent months, he made it clear that he hasn’t given up on that dream.. He’s bankrolled the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, a nonprofit dedicated to outlawing the business nationwide.

Sheldon Adelson continued his crusade against online gaming on Wednesday, passionately opposing its legalization during an appearance at a major gaming industry trade show.

Many audience members applauded in response.

Back before Macau rose to such prominence and its Cotai Strip was nonexistent, Adelson said he had a vision of making the region “Asia’s Las Vegas.” Now the area is home to Adelson’s Venetian Macau, the Wynn Macau, the MGM Macau and dozens of other casinos.

But Adelson would hear none of it, especially when it came to the idea that online gaming should be legalized because it already happens.

Earlier in his wide-ranging conversation with Gros, Adelson spoke of his company’s success in China, where he’s helped transform Macau into an international gambling hub.

“I don’t want those people to get abused because when I look at people like that I see the faces of my parents,” he said, evoking his family’s lower-income background. As he did then, Adelson told the crowd on Wednesday that he fears online gaming will exploit the poor by essentially making gambling too accessible.

Adelson’s remarks should be unsurprising to those who follow the gaming industry. As several states — including Nevada — have legalized online gambling, Adelson has led the organized opposition. He made his latest remarks during a keynote discussion on the second full day of the Global Gaming Expo, or G2E.

“Everything that I’ve seen happen in the last 13 years when I first was exposed to Macau is cyclical — it comes and goes,” Adelson said. “I just don’t see that there is any compelling reason to put an electronic casino in 318 million hands.”

Adelson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, is arguably the loudest critical voice against legal gambling on the Internet. “That’s not a good reason, to say that they’re doing it anyway.”

He was responding to questions from Roger Gros, the publisher of Global Gaming Business, who pushed back on the casino magnate’s objections. “It’s like gambling: You start off at a baseline, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.”

“Then why don’t we legalize prostitution? Why don’t we legalize cocaine and heroin?” he asked.

And he made similar comments about online gaming this year, including to a crowd of UNLV students in May

​Pete Rose still hopes for baseball’s forgiveness

Up there is better than home, and up there is better than going to school!”

No matter what you think of Pete Rose, you can’t deny what an electric moment it was on September 11th, 1985, when Rose became baseball’s all-time major league hit leader — a record that still stands today.

“No, I wasn’t cocky. I wasn’t cocky, but I was very confident, the way I played.”

Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds at bat against the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta, Aug. Right in the backyard.”

And yet, the debate over whether his cardinal sin — gambling on baseball — should keep him out of the Hall of Fame for life remains as fierce as ever.


© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It sits just above the banks of the Ohio River, where as a kid Rose worked on a ferry: Boone County No 7. I was a better football player than I was a baseball player.”


The former star known as “Charlie Hustle” – banned for life for gambling – says he believes his record-breaking career will trump his mistakes. “It was more or less the joy of riding the ferry back and forth, you know? Like a river captain!”

He grew up five miles from the Cincinnati ball park, often ditching school as a kid to see the Reds play.

“You weren’t cocky, though?”

The young ball player.

Pete Rose is a baseball legend whose remarkable accomplishments are all overshadowed by the day 25 years ago when he was banned from baseball for betting on his own team’s games. What does he think now of his astonishing fall from grace? He talks with our Lee Cowan:

He still goes to the Opening Day, and whenever he shows up on the Jumbotron, Reds fans go wild.

“I’d be up there, where I needed oxygen,” he laughed. He lived with his parents his rookie year, in a house at the end of Braddock Street on Cincinnati’s West Side, where Rose showed Cowan a stand of trees: “Where all those trees are, used to be a little ball field for me. If it was cocky, it wasn’t . This is sad to say. But I wasn’t arrogant. And I was brash. well, maybe I was cocky. “You throw this brash, young kid in there from Cincinnati. 2, 1978. CBS News

Maybe he over-compensated. “My biggest love in high school was football,” he said. He played so hard, he got a nickname: Charlie Hustle. But if I had not had an uncle who was a scout for the Reds, I would have never got an opportunity to play for the Reds.”

“I wasn’t, I wasn’t,” replied Rose. “Not baseball. It’s a big difference!”

So how did he end up on a big-league baseball diamond? “Well, I was lucky, because I had an uncle who was a scout for the Reds. I’m part of history, you know? And there’s no question in my mind, I’ll die the Hit King. . but he didn’t always win friends in the clubhouse.

Though there’s little debate in Cincinnati. In the Queen City, Pete Rose is king. “Pete Rose: Hall of Fame, all day long, best ever, to play the game,” said one Reds fan.

Courtesy Pete Rose. “I mean, I didn’t care. “I’m part of history. He won games,. Rose’s 4,256 career hits are a major league record.

Cowan asked, “What was it like your rookie year? I mean, were you accepted by the rest of the team?”


“I had more pleasurable nights in baseball than anybody that ever played the game,” said Pete Rose. I will die the Hit King.”

He said school was never his thing, except to play football.

Rose was called up to the major leagues in 1963.

Judge clears way for domestic horse slaughter


“We will have some angry people I bet,” he said. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Updated at 6:54 p.m. “But we are doing what we are supposed to and that’s it.”

But Dunn said Rains Natural Meats, in Gallatin, Mo., was poised to open as early as Monday.

The issue has divided horse rescue and animal welfare groups, ranchers, politicians and Indian tribes.

During his two-year fight, he and his wife have received numerous death threats. in Roswell, N.M., and an Iowa company to slaughter horses for human consumption.

King said Friday he was disappointed in the ruling.

Among the items on De Los Santos’ checklist now: alerting authorities and hiring security.

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King and Gov. And last summer, there was a suspicious fire at the plant.

“Court fights and state legislative battles have been important, but this is an issue of national importance and scale, and Congress should have an up-or-down vote on the subject.”

An employee of a southeastern New Mexico slaughterhouse has posted a video online showing him fatally shooting a horse in the head. I am very, very happy to be wrong.”

A vote to end that funding in 2006 had effectively banned horse slaughter until the money was restored 2011.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society, called for Congress to impose an outright ban on horse slaughter..

U.S. … A federal judge on Friday cleared the way for horse slaughterhouses to resume operating in the U.S. All Rights Reserved.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Susana Martinez both have opposed horse slaughter.

The Humane Society vowed to appeal and said it would work with states to block the plants from opening.

Plant owner Rick De Los Santos and his attorney, Blair Dunn, admitted they were surprised when the ruling came down, hours after a temporary restraining order that barred the companies from opening in August had expired.

The debate over a return to domestic horse slaughter has been an emotional one that centers on whether horses are livestock or companion animals and what is the most humane way to deal with the country’s horse overpopulation, particularly in the drought-stricken West.

Responsible Transportation’s attorney, Pat Rogers, in an email Friday called the ruling a “victory for jobs, rules and three young Iowa guys with their life savings at risk.”

The decision ends, for now, a two-year battle by Valley Meat to open its slaughterhouse.

But De Los Santos was making plans to get to work, two years after converting his struggling cattle slaughterhouse to take advantage of a shift in Congress that lifted a ban on funding for inspections at horse slaughterhouses.

The companies want to ship horse meat to countries where it is consumed by humans or used as animal feed.

“With today’s court ruling and the very real prospect of plants resuming barbaric killing of horses for their meat in the states, we expect the American public to recognize the urgency of the situation and to demand that Congress take action,” Pacelle said.

“If I were a betting man, I probably would have lost a lot of money on this,” Dunn said. “I thought the court was headed in a different direction on this since she had issued the TRO. as early as next week.

De Los Santos estimated it would be seven to 10 days before he was up and running.

Supporters say it is better to slaughter unwanted horses in regulated domestic plants than to ship them to sometimes inhumane plants in Mexico.

The USDA, however, did not approve the first permits for horse slaughter plants until this summer.

A third company, Responsible Transportation, which was started in Sigourney, Iowa, by three recent college graduates, abandoned its plan to process horses and converted to cattle after the restraining order was issued in August.

© 2013 The Associated Press. District Judge Christina Armijo in Albuquerque threw out a lawsuit by The Humane Society of the United States and other animal protection groups that alleged the Department of Agriculture failed to conduct proper environmental studies when it issued permits to Valley Meat Co

Jesse Jackson Jr. Released From Jail After 1.5 Years

He began serving his sentence that October.

A prisoner is expected to be employed within 15 calendar days of arriving at a halfway house, prison officials said. tearfully admitted in August 2013 that he misused $750,000 in campaign funds for personal extravagances like furs and vacations. had been a Congressman from Illinois until he resigned in November 2012. Jesse Jackson Sr. in 2013. has been released from prison after a year and a half. The Tribune says it’s common practice for someone to check into a halfway house briefly only to move to home confinement shortly after. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Jesse Jackson Jr. in 2013. Before leaving office, he had disappeared for months on end for, some reports say, treatment of bipolar disorder.

Jackson Jr. A friend told The Chicago Tribune that he’ll serve the rest of his 2 1/2 year sentence in a halfway house in Washington DC, though the family wouldn’t confirm that. Released From Jail After 1.5 Years | MadameNoire

Jesse Jackson Jr. The sentences were staggered because the couple has two young children.</p>
<p>Jackson Jr. He was elected to office in 1995. must also complete 500 hours of community service as part of his sentence.. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images” width=”378″ height=”412″></p>
<p>Jesse Jackson Jr. She will begin her sentence in September when Jackson Jr. In some cases, on the same day.</p>
<p>Jackson Jr. Upon his release, Rev. made a statement, saying “there’s a great joy with reunion.”</p>
<p>“And he’s strong, and he’ll do well,” the Trib quotes him saying.</p>
<p>According to the Tribune:</p>
<p>Jesse Jackson Jr. Alcohol and drug use is forbidden, on or off the premises, and prisoners usually pay about 25 percent of their income to cover the cost of their confinement, they said.</p>
<p><object width=

His wife, Sandra Stevens Jackson, was also found guilty of playing a role in the malfeasance and was sentenced to a year in prison. has served his time

Arbitrage betting:a good approach for gamblers

Some people use arbitrage strategies as a means of generating a good regular income. When you are familiar with the theory of arbitrage betting, you can take advantage of it without losing money. You can experiment with small amounts of money on sports that have only two possible outcomes to see how it works out for you.

In conclusion, why not try arbitrage betting as an easy, enjoyable, low risk way of earning some money online? It also offers extra appeal to the gambler because it is a way of staying one step ahead of the bookmaker.. Other people like arbitrage betting as a hobby with the bonus of making some extra money.

The internet provides an excellent way of finding different bookmakers and opens the door to many more arbitrage opportunities than before.

The following short video summarises the principles of arbitrage:

There are many sites online where you can learn about arbitrage betting, otherwise known as arbitrage trading, before you commit yourself to using any of your money in this enterprise. It might be the answer to enjoying gambling without losing money in the process. You can become a productive arbitrage better and make more money without paying taxes on it than some people do in well paid jobs.

In summary, arbitrage is the process of using the differences in the odds that two or more bookmakers offer on some sporting events to avoid losing money and ensuring a guaranteed payback. Surf the internet as part of the learning process. It works well on sporting events in which there are only two possible outcomes, for example tennis and boxing.

Some experts say that you need a lot of money to use arbitrage. This is not so. Before you spend your money, learn the theory and principles of what arbitrage is and how it works and search online for ways to become successful at it. An arbitrage situation occurs when two bookmakers offer odds that differ enough to permit gamblers to back all outcomes and still make a profit. Arbitrage cannot work by using one bookmaker. You have to find at least two bookmakers who offer a high enough difference between odds to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity.

It is also known as scalping. In this way a guaranteed profit is ensured regardless of the result.

Betting arbitrage involves placing bets on all possible results of a sporting event so that there is a guaranteed profit on the result. If you are interested in sports betting anyway, you will enjoy learning about this even if you don’t choose to use it. It is well worth your while to check out arbitrage if you like gambling. In other words, you have nothing to lose.

Arbitrage betting can also be used in horse-racing where the odds can work in your favour by using different bookmakers.

The basic principle of arbitrage involves using the difference in odds between two different bookmakers and placing bets to take advantage of this difference. There is also the possibility that you could make a good income online from home using arbitrage strategies.

With arbitrage, you really can make money online at home on your computer if you take the time and make the effort to learn the strategy

Will online casinos ban me for using a betting system or winning too much money?

Maybe you did do your homework but you didn’t get it right.. The reliable casino websites won’t impede you in any way. Most people who claim to have systems will have ones that they say will only work to a certain point, that’s because it’s not a system and beyond that point, the probability of Gambler’s Ruin is high.

Note that the mathematically flawed negative progressive betting systems like Martingales always show better early results then more mathematically sound systems but are not adverse to gambler’s ruin. The bad websites, won’t let you withdraw your winnings regardless of what happens so they won’t impede you either since it doesn’ matter whether you win or lose with the bad sites, you’ll simply won’t be getting your money.

Almost all systems don’t work. Since Casino games are designed to have the edge be a house edge, there are no systems that work. It’s just like bad lines in an online sportsbook, the good sites will cancel your wager and notify you before the event (this often leaves you with an unfavourable broken arbitrage), a mediocre website will honour your wager is you lose and cancel it if you win (most laws allow for canceling wagers based on plausible causes and he definition of plausible is left to the bookmaker), and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose with a bad website since you’re not going to be able to withdraw your money anyways.

A website review site would have no way of knowing if they would change the odds when you win too often as winning often would statistically be abnormal to begin with so such changes would just be returning the behaviour to the statistical norm so checking with those sites o see which online sites change their odds is pretty much meaningless. Card Counting in Blackjack was a big deal because it turned out that the edge was towards the player in the early games but the rules have been revised since that, they use multiple decks and they reshuffle more often now removing that edge. Just as with real Casinos who would either call in expert dealers that will deal you bad hands or simply break your legs should you win too consistently, you can be sure that the online versions aren’t adverse to bending the rules if you jeopardize their profit margin and there’s very little you can do about that. Chances are your “system” is a negative progressive system if it’s behaving as you’ve described and all the casino’s have to do to get your money is to encourage you to use it and thereby let your greed get the better of you.

Besides, there’s a lot that the online Casino’s can do to ensure that they retain the edge, it’s not like you can spot them second dealing. The key to look for in a betting system is whether or not it’ll avoid Gambler’s Ruin and whether or not it requires you to have an edge. The mediocre websites will just be slow at responding to your withdrawal requests

Background checks deal boosts odds for gun-control bill

Young in Chicago; Editing by David Lindsey and Peter Cooney)

That package would fall short of what Obama had pressed for, but would be far more extensive than the NRA would like.

The tragedy in Newtown was a driving force behind Wednesday’s agreement, which would expand criminal background checks of gun buyers to include sales made at gun shows and online.

On Wednesday in the Obamas’ hometown of Chicago, the first lady appeared to fight back tears as she talked about Hadiya Pendleton, a teenager killed by gunfire several days after returning to Chicago from Washington, where she had performed as a majorette in the January 21 parade for Barack Obama’s second inaugural.

Six members would be appointed by the Senate majority leader, currently Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, and six by the House speaker, currently Republican John Boehner.

“I’m a parent, I’m a grandparent. I’m hopeful, but I think this is a fluid situation,” Toomey said at a news conference with Manchin.

Obama’s Democrats control 55 of the 100 Senate seats, but several, like Manchin, are strong supporters of gun rights.

The group also criticized a provision to allow dealers to sell guns at shows outside their home states, and decreasing the time allowed for processing gun-sale background checks.

The measure likely to pass the Senate also could include funding for school security and tighter restrictions on gun trafficking.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A breakthrough agreement to expand background checks for gun buyers, announced on Wednesday by two senators, boosts the prospects the Senate will approve at least some of President Barack Obama’s proposed gun restrictions.

“This isn’t some war zone half a world away,” Michelle Obama said. Any gun-control measure that clears the Senate also is likely to get a cool reception in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

The delicate nature of the upcoming Senate debate was evident on Wednesday when Toomey said he still might vote against the background check compromise if it is part of a bill with other amendments that Toomey believes would infringe on gun owners’ rights.

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On Wednesday, Manchin said he and Toomey had been in touch with the NRA and other key players in the debate as the senators discussed how to expand background checks.

Manchin’s participation in the deal on background checks could bolster the prospects for the legislation. “This is our home. Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely wounded in a 2011 mass shooting in Arizona.

Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW)

The deal by Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania sets the stage for a Senate debate on a gun-control bill starting on Thursday, when the Democratic-led chamber is expected to defeat conservative Republicans’ efforts to block it from reaching the floor.

The background check system advocated by Manchin and Toomey, both ardent defenders of gun rights, would close a major loophole in a system that analysts say allows as many as 40 percent of gun buyers to avoid checks.

As part of an intense campaign for gun restrictions, Obama brought 11 family members of Newtown victims to Washington this week for a series of emotional, face-to-face meetings with lawmakers.

The conservative group Heritage Action took a harsher tone. No background checks would be required in such transactions.

By John Whitesides and Patricia Zengerle

WASHINGTON Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:20pm EDT


Toomey, a conservative Republican, said he did not believe expanding background checks amounted to gun control.

But another gun-control group, the Coalition Against Gun Violence, said it was “deeply concerned” the agreement was too limited because it would only add background checks at gun shows and online.

(Additional reporting by Richard Cowan, Roberta Rampton and Sam Youngman in Washington, and Renita D. Congress needs to finish the job.”

Obama, who has been pushing hard for Congress to produce the first major gun-control legislation in nearly two decades, called negotiators from both parties on Tuesday, the White House said.

The president’s gun-control plan has been the focus of aggressive lobbying by the National Rifle Association gun rights group, and by gun-control advocates such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group backed by Michael Bloomberg, the New York mayor and media magnate.


The deal won cautious support from some gun-control advocates, including Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the group formed by former U.S. … Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) (R) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.VA) (L) hold a news conference on background checks for firearms on Capitol Hill in Washington April 10, 2013.

More controversial parts of Obama’s gun-control plan – such as a ban on rapid-firing “assault” weapons like the one used in Connecticut and limits on the capacity of ammunition magazines – appear to have a slim chance of clearing the Senate.

Senators Mark Kirk of Illinois, a Republican, and Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democrat, also participated in the negotiations.

“Today is just the start of a healthy debate that must end with the Senate and House hopefully passing these common-sense measures and the president signing them into law,” Manchin told reporters.

“It’s common sense,” he said. This kind of violence is what young people here face every single day.”

One question surrounding the compromise is whether some gun sellers could try to avoid doing background checks by saying that buyers were “friends.”

Many hurdles remain, including weeks of expected debate in the Senate and amendments that could make the bill unacceptable to some senators who now support it. More than a dozen Republican senators have threatened a filibuster aimed at preventing consideration of any gun restrictions.

. It warned that lawmakers “will not get a pass” from the group if they support a gun-control bill that infringes on gun rights.

“There is still a long road ahead and this bipartisan bill gives us reason to be optimistic,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign, adding that “a majority of the components” of the bill were acceptable.

On Thursday, the Senate is scheduled to hold its first vote on whether to take up a gun-control bill.

1 of 5. The freshman senator from West Virginia represents a state where gun ownership has long been passionately protected.

First lady Michelle Obama also has been an increasing presence in the White House efforts.

But the agreement, designed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals and the mentally ill, has significant exemptions for “temporary transfers” of weapons or private sales among friends and family members. I can’t imagine this,” he said before stopping and wiping his eyes with tissues.

Obama praised the Manchin-Toomey deal in a statement, but said that “a lot of work remains. “What matters to me is doing the right thing, and this is the right thing.”

“Americans are tired of backroom deals,” said Michael Needham, chief executive officer of Heritage Action.

The Manchin-Toomey deal also would create a commission to study the causes of mass violence in the United States, examining images of violence in media and video games as well as issues such as school safety, guns and mental health.

The NRA called the Manchin-Toomey agreement’s rejection of the broader universal background checks pushed by Obama “a positive development,” but added that a more “meaningful and serious” solution to gun violence was needed that addresses crime and mental health issues.

Even so, the proposal for expanded background checks appears to be Obama’s best hope for meaningful gun-control legislation in the aftermath of the December massacre of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Manchin choked up during a meeting with eight of the family members in his office Wednesday afternoon, breaking into tears when asked what their visit meant.

But with public opinion polls showing up to 90 percent of Americans favor expanded background checks, other Republicans have said Obama’s proposals should get a Senate vote.

“I’m looking forward to the debate

Horse Racing System Easy-three – Can It Make You A Winner?

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2014. The first race which came to be known as the Preakness after its winning horse was run in Baltimore in 1870. 528 pages. Recording much of the data of the previous work, this “Comprehensive History” goes beyond it not only in extending the time frame from beginnings to the present, but also in much historical material as biographical profiles of owners, jockeys, breeders, and other individuals connected with the numerous horses over the years, various race tracks the races were held at before they found permanent locations, retellings of the races, the development of the races into major annual sports’ events, and many photos of individuals, horses, and races. But this may be an understatement, as it is encyclopedic and unlikely to be surpassed with its exhaustive and exceptionally detailed material..

This work by Sowers follows his previous “The Abstract Primer of Thoroughbred Racing” which was mostly a book of statistics not only on races and the horses in them from 1946 through 2003, but also trainers, jockeys, sires, and other basic information of interest to advanced racing fans and historians. A “comprehensive history” it surely is. This race took place at four different race tracks in the New York area until the opening of Belmont Park track in the early 1900s. McFarland, Jefferson, NC, The Kentucky Derby, now the first leg of the Triple Crown, was started in 1875.

THE KENTUCKY DERBY, PREAKNESS AND BELMOT STAKES, A Comprehensive History by Richard Sowers, Foreword by Steve Haskin. The bibliography of nearly 20 pages in smaller type contains hundreds of references for ones looking for even more detailed material on narrower or specialized topics.

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Why Substituting Addictions Can Doom Your Sobriety

Most addicts end up doing something to take the edge off. If you sense that your channels are blocked, it may be time to take your spirituality to the next level. through identifying and addressing the underlying causes of her emotional eating, Tricia Greaves founded Heal Your Hunger an online resource which offers hope and healing for emotional eaters worldwide. So if you’re substituting addictions and feeling like it’s getting harder to rationalize, that’s a good thing! That is your divine spirit urging you to live better and seek a deeper healing.

Substituting addictions – you see it all the time; gatherings of smokers outside the AA meeting door, boy meets girl on AA campus (“13 stepping”), maxed out credit cards, a rapid gaining of 20 extra pounds. When we have emotional pain and unconscious fears, guilt and stress, addicts naturally look for a quick fix. Women, for example, after stopping drinking, will revert to their original addiction to food and practice bulimia or binge-eating for relief.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Going to any lengths to stay sober may include indulging in other less threatening addictions, but at what point can these indulgences inhibit true sobriety and even be the first step in relapse?

The first step, as always, is to want to be free from these addictions. Many people think that so long as they aren’t drinking or using, they are safe to do whatever else they do. When I wasn’t doing those things, I buried my head in work and practiced “people pleasing” as a sport. If I’m using anything to excess, in a self-destructive way, I’m blocking the connection between me and God. Tricia is also the director of The Greaves Foundation for those with nowhere else to turn for help with eating disorders, obesity and addictions. When we use substances and activities to get through our day, we don’t develop and depend on a spiritual program. Tricia is the author of many articles on emotional eating, eating disorders, healthy weight loss and addictions. Sponsors reason it’s better to get fat than drunk so they sanction their pigeon’s eating Ben Jerry’s at night when feeling restless. Yet if they’re still practicing other addictions, how sober are they? When they still frantically seek to distort their reality with caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and the adrenaline of illicit or “sport” sex, how peaceful and God-centered can they be? I’m not a witch burner by any means, because I’ve been there myself. I was sober, after all, so why worry?

People come into the 12-step rooms to stop the addiction and to live a new sober life. Even old-timers may rationalize that no one ever went to jail for indulging in sugar, caffeine, and cigarettes so this should be chalked up as the “joy of living”. It takes a deeper shift, a true psychic change, to overcome ALL of the addictions. If we avoid emotional pain long enough with other addictions, that pain may require stronger painkillers and drive us back to our original “drug of choice”. That’s what I’ve experienced and it’s my mission to make that experience possible for countless others.

Another important question is can these secondary addictions actually cause a relapse of the primary addiction? The answer is yes. Yet when we act out at all we put ourselves in danger of relapse. Don’t sell yourself or your recovery short. It’s even encouraged: the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous recommends stocking up on sweets to curb the alcohol cravings, they suggest trying to quit smoking while getting sober may send a person back out and in the early days “workaholism” was admired among the sober men enjoying their new leases on life.

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I’ve often thought the term “dually-addicted” was a bit ironic. In meetings people nervously confess their lesser addictions hoping to find identification among other members, which they usually do.

I have learned over the years that the stronger my relationship with God, the more responsibility I have to keep the channels of communication with God open. Next is to realize that not only is freedom from all addictions possible, but healing of the pain that drives them is actually possible. After all, is there anyone out there who’s “singularly-addicted”? I don’t think so. So quitting these dependencies cold turkey is about as effective as stopping our primary addiction on our own was. If we don’t use our spiritual muscles, they atrophy. But I do know that my spirituality and sobriety are determined by my willingness to show up for life, anaesthetized. That’s what we do. The internet was always good for wasted nights of online browsing and purchases. The main reason is that if we are using any addiction, it’s on account of a conscious or unconscious desire to cover up pain. As the founder of a non-profit that addresses all addictions, people daily expose a laundry list of destructive habits that are making their lives unmanageable. People entering the rooms of recovery typically lean on other vices to help them cope with their new sobriety. Any addict knows the rest of the story.. So when larger issues and troubles come our way, we don’t have the strength or maturity to deal with them; once again we turn to our old addictions for a quick fix. It takes more intensive work and connection with those who have successfully overcome a myriad of addictions instead of just one or two.

In my work I see it all the time. You deserve nothing short than total freedom from all addictions that bind you. She is also the contributing author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health and the popular Thank God I book series in which she writes a chapter called, “Thank God I Was Fat.” To learn more and to register for your free “HYH JumpStart Kit,” visit

So how does a person break free from all the addictions instead of “switching deck chairs on the Titanic”? It is important to know that, just like alcoholism or drug addiction, these secondary addictions aren’t really a choice. Additionally, when we use anything to avoid our reality (and our feelings); our ability to cope with reality (and our feelings) diminishes. After all, isn’t that what happy, joyous and free really means?

Having lost 50 lbs. It’s only when I’m truly facing life on life’s terms, and seeking help from my higher power to do so (instead of other addictions), that I can really say I’m sober and living as God intends for me to live.

Sadly, most people in the rooms are satisfied with stopping their primary addiction while they let other addictions go unaddressed. When I was stopped drinking, overeating and experienced significant weight loss, I instead smoked, shopped and chased men. While secondary addictions may not be life-threatening (and often they are), the question is, why settle for a life that is less than totally free?

I know all about the addiction merry-go-round